Kai Picture_Singapore Wedding_Gracia & Abel_1
December 17, 2017

Gracia & Abel : Wedding Highlights

I usually don’t produce wedding day express highlights. But when i got so blessed  to be a part of a lovely wedding full of all nice folks, and more importantly, a couple who truly appreciate people who work with and help them, there is no reason for me not to make something as a sweet touch for the day. Here is a slideshow of highlights from Gracia & Abel’s wedding!

It’s so full of fun, joy and love that the people in the wedding share the same kind of vibes and almost the same kind of laughs! And something that I couldn’t get it out of my head on the day when the makeup artist pointed out that Gracia looks a lot like the Disney’s character — Mulan! She is definitely a lot more fit to cast in the upcoming 2019 movie. Characters and look, she has got them all! Haha! Best wishes to you guys!