KAI PICTURE_09_Couple on Singapore street
July 7, 2017

We’re Interviewed!

The Calm of A Father’s Love

Earlier this year, i was contacted by Nikon Asia for an online interview to share about my experience, techniques and stories, as a lifestyle and wedding photographer. In the spirit of sharing, learning and exploring, i did some exchange of words with Nikon Asia about how my background, self characters and the challenges that i encountered eventually shaped me to who i am today.

the kissing shadow

A Couple & Their Kissing Shadows

Very often, people who were interested with my works and approached me to photograph them, tend to be curious about my vision as a photographer — the way i see things and capture them in photos. And my vision is always pretty much shaped by my personalities, education, childhood backgrounds and the exposures i have been gifted along the pursuit of photography.

KAI PICTURE_10_Couple seaside Bali

The Dancing Clouds and Water in Love

I enjoyed painting, drawing and sculpting in my childhood time.

KAI PICTURE_15_Graduation couple Singapore

You’re My Reflection

I spent a good 10 years in architectural studies and works too.

KAI PICTURE_03_Wedding Couple and traffic at Big Ben London

This Moment. Our Moment.

That’s probably how I make friends with light and lines ;-)

KAI PICTURE_19_Proposal Paris

Happiness Overloaded

I also love strangers, oddly. And here is this lovely couple, after successful proposal, snapped by a total stranger — me, while i was passing by Eiffel Tower in Paris.

KAI PICTURE_07_Couple and architecture Singapore

Black is My Way of Love; Light is Yours.

And, i’m a bit of a dreamer. I love lots of room for imagination.

If you are one of them who would like to know more about me, click on the link below. Or, drop me a line to meet up over coffee ;-)



KAI PICTURE_Couple and sunset New Zealand

We Live in A Movie That Lives in Us