(Photo by Wan Wen)

Thank you for dropping by and for your interest to find out more about us. I’m Kai. Leaving my architectural profession behind, I’m now an explorer enjoying the wonder + wander through photography in life, places, time, and stories of people.


(Photos by Kai & Wan Wen)

In my pursuit of photography, I’m forever grateful to have supports from my wife, dear friends and some photography peers who have given tremendous help and advice on my journey. A few of them have then become part of the team that we now call KAI PICTURE. On the active side, Wan Wen helps on admin matters; Yeow and Wei Jia make joint shoot a lot more fun while occasionally taking on solo assignments; Chung Chin feeds us with good business ideas. Here, it’s always the men who work on the front line, but our wives who clean up the mess, and keep us moving. So, why not, more of their photos!