May 16, 2017

Tani & Vlad : Lovers Portraiture : Singapore

It was one of my highlights in my pursuit of photography and connection with people when I was entrusted by Tani & Vlad who travelled from Russia to Singapore for a travelogue shoot. More importantly, I totally enjoyed this session as a small part of their honeymoon journey in South East Asia. On the first day of the photoshoot, we were hit by storm. And the next day, Vlad told me that he ran out of clean clothes from their long haul traveling. But heck, who cares, because we had so much fun. We spent wonderful time exploring the new and old local urban context. All I could say is that they really love Singapore, so much! I’m truly blessed to be a small part of their love journey especially when they gave me full freedom on the shoot and just enjoyed the experience. Lots of love, movements and positive energy! This will definitely be always a sweet part of my memories to recall in the future.

With love, Kai

And their characters left a very strong impression to me. Tani is so fun loving, down to earth, and always happy to explore. I still vividly remember that, even in a hot humid weather in Singapore, there was like breeze everywhere Tani walked by. Her hair that moved in the wind, her sway of body, and she occasionally glanced back that made her look like a carefree child. She loves warm weather. On the other hand, Vlad loves cold weather. He is a gentleman, that supports Tani very much. He did not laugh always, but when he did, you could feel it from the heart. And i love the way he said, the beers in Singapore are too light, Russians like it hard!