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“I can’t speak highly enough of Kai’s professionalism and attentiveness. He loves what he does and it makes the entire experience exciting and easy. His attention to detail, lighting and showcasing the subject matter is always something special are just some parts that I admire. I trust in the whole process that he’s going to deliver the goods every time because he just gets it. Kai’s photography is a reflection of his personality – thanks for being you”.

ARI Z. FAIGENBAUM & LARA LUBITZ – Melbourne, Australia.

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“At first Kai was invited to our ROM as a guest, but after seeing the quality of his casual photography work during that event, we decided to hire him to do the photography for our actual wedding day. Most wedding couples go through their wedding in a whirlwind, not knowing what exactly is happening while they are whisked from location to location, from one ceremony to the other, so we are really fortunate that Kai was able to capture many of the moments we missed. He has a knack of using creative angles and compositions to great effect. We were pleasantly surprised at how he was able to make certain moments look even better through his lens. If we could use one word to describe his photos, it would be “joyful”.

There is always a sense of joyfulness in the photos he captures, and that is a great strength for any photographer. A while after our wedding, he was also nice enough to help us take photos with our baby daughter, which shows that he values his past clients as well.

If there is one area of improvement for Kai, we would say that he needs more help! He’s super busy and we swear he looks skinnier every time we meet him. ;) We would definitely recommend him to our friends and families, and in fact we already have, but usually his schedule is packed, so act fast if you want your special day immortalized by this super talented photographer.”


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“Kai has the rare combination of being highly professional, creative and at the same time, so much fun to work with. His gentle personality creates the most comfortable environment and his thoughtful approach means the finished product is both unique and highly personalised. He has beautifully captured precious moments that our family will cherish for our entire lives.”

AARON ZELMAN & SARA KOWAL – Melbourne, Australia.

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“We got Kai to help us take our wedding photos and that was one of the best decisions we made because the photos turned up really beautiful!
During the photoshoot, he was attentive and was able to ease us in easily into our poses. We were very comfortable with him around and that definitely helped. He has a sharp eye for details and this is shown in the way he takes his photos. The expression on our faces, the lighting in the background, the formation of the story etc. During the wedding dinner when the photos were shown, we were elated when many guests commented how well and beautiful the photos were taken.
A humble person who is passionate about photograpy, Kai constantly seeks to improve his photography skills. Definitely someone we would highly recommend for all wedding couples who are looking to capture their most beautiful moments. Thanks Kai for all the beautiful photos you’ve taken of us!”

DAO XING & LI PING – Singapore.