Melbourne_Kid_Kai Picture
October 4, 2017

Where Love Goes

I’m a husband. I’m a dad. And i’m still learning how to love and grow my family in a good way.

New Zealand_Portrait_Kai Picture

My wife in her pregnancy. New Zealand.

Spending time with my girl helps me to observe on little things that excite the kids. Things which are so small, or slow, or seemingly unimportant. Things that the adults have forgotten to appreciate. From the process finding those things with my girl, and growing up with her, i then realised that time goes by a lot faster than we perceive in a numb shell — our body.

New Zealand_Lovers hands_Kai Picture

Hands. New Zealand.

One day, my girl’s favourite clothes could no longer fit for her. One day, she suddenly realised it became extremely hard to go through spiral bicycle racks (which she always loves to treat the spiral ‘ring’ structure as some kind of playground elements). And one day, she ran into her school without (forgot to say goodbye!) looking back.

Melbourne_Mom and kid_Kai Picture

My wife and my girl. Melbourne.

Then, i felt that there’s a great learning lesson. My wife and i love our girl a lot. I wouldn’t think hard about how my girl should take care of us in the future though. Because that’s love. We learn that love is not about asking for return. It’s such a truly wonderful experience that we can love her, despite the fact that she doesn’t know exactly how to love us back. And that’s fine!

Melbourne_Kid_Kai Picture

My girl on her trekking. Melbourne.

Happiness is being able to love and to give.

Where love goes, it comes back.