March 8, 2018

Women’s Day


Dedicate today for all women who did their best, who are doing their best, and who are learning to do their best. You all are the best! And i’m not even joking.

I made another joke to my friend though, a while back: “It was a really difficult time to me when three of the most important women in my life got sick at the same time. My mum, my wife and my girl.” Then, a week+ ago, my mum left us, to a better place. I know my mum. She always did her best to make the best comfort for us. She saved the best for us too, food included. She takes the pain with her so that we don’t feel it as much.

Women are strange. Physically they contain life and give birth. Their hearts are even bigger. They are able to give so much love and take in much negativity. But that makes no excuse to all of us to take it for granted. A little thank you every time, is a big step forward in appreciation. In the past month of stress, grief and sorrow, my dear friends have been sharing their positivity with me. I particularly remember what Siska from Bloc Memoire shared with me a wise quote:

” The deeper that sorrow carved into your being, the more joy you can contain.” — by Kahlil Gibran

I actually want to dedicate this quote to all women. Women, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, i wish that joy and peace are with you internally. Thank you.

With love, Kai

(and sharing some photos of my two ‘women’ below)