October 25, 2017

YY & Dan : The White Rabbit : Wedding

This was a long overdue post that i should have put up here a while back. But anyone with kids would probably understand that it is definitely not easy to maintain something as time consuming as blogging. Imagine, my girl is picking up languages pretty quick and she literally pulled me away from my computer / handphone, all the time, telling me: Daddy, don’t play with your computer / handphone, don’t work, play with me.

Alright, probably you couldn’t really feel me, because highly possibly you are one of the couples who are planning to get engaged or married. Well, soon, you will understand me! ;-)

So, to keep things simple, after a long hiatus from a wedding shoot, my mind would certainly comes to a state to perceive that it’s probably a little superficial to word too much about what happened a while back. BUT, the great thing about photos are their capability of being time capsules! Good photos simply tell lots of story and memories. I’m glad that what i do actually helps to preserve today for tomorrow. And if you are totally enjoying yourself in the moment, i will definitely keep that moment for ya. This is particularly true to a special day of YY & Dan when they tied the knot to move forward together as a team.

It was a wonderful day for YY & Dan having their beloved families and friends, from different cultural backgrounds (England + Singapore) coming together to celebrate the love! They have kept the group small and intimate. The day simply got overflowed with joy, happy tears, sweat, good wines and lots of dancing!

Wishing them a blissful marriage!

With love,


(Slideshow video is at the bottom of this post.)

Photography: Kai ; Joint shooter: Yeow. Wedding venue: The White Rabbit.