Family Photography by Kai


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What is parenthood? What is childhood? What is a family bonding? They sure takes a day and a night, or more, just to talk about them. That’s why sometimes, a picture speaks thousand of words, more easily 😉


“Please prepare your fastest lens because our son is a runner.”

I received this text before the family arranged a family photoshoot with me.

As a father of three, i actually think…

Fast, not because my lenses are fast. Fast, because kids grow up really fast.

You will want to hold tight.


Parenthood is a bittersweet journey.

As parents, we always hope our kids grow up well and fast. but as time goes by, we wish they were still tiny, cuddle to us, hold our hands tightly. Those little chubby fingers and cheeks, those mumbling words of toddlers as if we can understand you completely. We wish time is slower. Sometimes we wonder if our kids will remember and miss their childhood when they enter adulthood.

And to our future selves, as we grow old and our hair turns white, our kids may be away for their studies or work, and we will surely miss… you, our kids, for…

how much you wanted to hold our hands all the time,

how you loved touching mother’s lips, face and hair when you are latching on her breasts,

how you jumped so high in joy when you saw us coming to pick you up from school,

how you loved scratching daddy’s beard when he got so lazy to shave it off during a weird season with something called Covid-19,

how you always cheekily ran in naked after the shower,

how you loved smelling your plush toys in the cot, and not wanting to wake up for school simply because you want to spend more time with us.

All these love and bonding, can only be captured in a genuine form of a comfortable home or some fun outing sessions, together.

That’s why i would love to spend a morning or afternoon with your family, to capture the true you, the true bonding. You don’t need to rush the kids to smile in front of camera. Just, be all there, spend time together. And i will document this wonderful stage of your life for you.


Instead of formal studio portrait, I focus on the flow of energy and emotions in family session. Other than beautiful moments, I brutally document sibling love (or fight), silly nonsence, and parents’ struggles. If you sweat, or tear, or laugh out loud, it’s good. Because it takes hearts and hard works to build a home.

If you sweat, or tear, or laugh out loud, it’s good. Because it takes hearts and hard works to build a home.

I am grateful for the incredible people and families who not only appreciate me but also my work. Collaborating with them is a constant reminder of the significance behind what I do and why I do it — celebrating people’s story. Their generous words of kindness further underscore the importance of the connections we build. 


“After receiving our photos from our family photoshoot, my husband half-jokingly said to me, “We should engage Kai to take photos of us all the time!” And if you know how averse my husband was to photoshoots (before the photoshoot, I told Kai that he will probably face more difficulty shooting my husband than my toddler), you’ll know that this statement in itself is a better testimony of Kai’s amazing work and talent more than anything I can say. Throughout the session, we felt very comfortable, there wasn’t any request for awkward posing. We were laughing, chatting, in fact, pretty much doing our usual life and hanging out with Kai as a friend. It surprises me to no end how the photos could turn out so gorgeous and that’s really Kai’s magic. Kai finds beauty in everyday things in his photos and I suspect, also in his way of life. And that’s what I truly love Kai’s photos for, how he captures the moments behind his photos, the stories, the raw emotions, those things can’t be posed (or photoshopped). Of course, there’s no denying that his photography skills are incredible, his frames and compositions, use of colours and lightings…I really see the architect in his photos! So I guess it’s safe to say that we will be seeing more of Kai in our lives in the future. To have Kai document precious moments in our lives? Really, the honour is ours :)” – Kind words by Angeline, 2021.