For the man who wears his heart on his sleeves. For the man who cares with that heart, who believes with that heart. The man who bares you that heart.

Sometimes you feel like you know a person by who they surround themselves with. Through who she loved the people around her and how they love her back. One could instantly feel that they would know a little bit of who Jo is.

Getting ready in the morning at Shangri-La hotel

At this moment, I felt something intense in the atmosphere. A presence of a common strength.

Ceremony at The Arts House, Old Parliament.

A cozy and intimate dinner celebration at Origins Grill, Shangri-La Hotel.


A genuine need to be close. When all you can see are each other’s eyes.

It was a beautiful day of heartfelt celebration and an immense sense of being present. As always, enjoy today, and leave the reminiscing for tomorrow.