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Daryll & Shu Ying Prewedding_IG_04

Hello, i’m Kai.

“Are you seeking answers? Perhaps that’s why you’ve found your way here.”

Personally, I am a perpetual questioner. Now, who am I?

Originating from an architectural background, I have traversed various multidisciplinary environments, cultivating connections along the way. The most significant insight from this journey, and its integration into my photography, lies in how I engage with the individuals before my lens, while simultaneously crafting compositions and constructing ideas behind the lens.

For me, a space transcends into a place only when infused with purpose or meaning. Similarly, a moment becomes worthy of narration when it carries a story or embodies characters within its narratives.

My photography is an art of weaving together contents and contexts within images to narrate your unique stories. Your moments, emotions, and characters serve as the rich contents, while my compositions and photographic intents provide the contextual framework for your stories to unfold.

Photography, for me, serves as a conduit to the essence of human connection, granting me the privilege to keenly observe the subtle marvels embedded in our daily lives. A continual wellspring of inspiration in my journey is the presence of my children, who, with each passing moment, impart invaluable lessons and contribute to my growth in every aspect.

In essence, photography facilitates a deliberate slowdown in the pace of life, prompting me to savor the present moment. It acts as a constant reminder that, I am here, immersed in this moment, and I am committed to living it to the fullest.

There are always two sides of a coin. It goes the same for weddings:

The glamorous moments / the truly messy bits

The people who want to be photographed / those who hope to avoid my radar

The high key moments / the seemingly unimportant transitions

I hope to capture these pieces from all over the places to form a visual story to you.

What are people stories in my pictures? I think it is always more than one dimension; and more than just answers.

– Kai

And here are some kind words by couple Peck & Caleb.

“I remembered when we met you, you told us that the wedding day shoot will help to capture the moments that we (the couple) miss. I didn’t quite get it then but after looking through the photos, i understand now. 🙂 Thanks for helping to capture the moments and helping us see the wedding day from so many different points of view. I also really love how you manage to captiure the mood so well — It’s like watching a film even though there are still pictures. Not to mention the photos which make us go: WOW how did he get that??”