I'm Keneth

(Yes, spelt with a single ‘n’!)

Moments Are Fleeting.
So Are Feelings.

I think documenting those moments, and feelings are important. 

For me, those fleeting and unassuming moments are the ones you’ll look back to and smile at. And they are the ones that you will treasure, as time takes its path. 

I have been photographing for a while, and what started off as an experiment has turned out to be a long and exciting journey. It is still an ongoing experiment, just like life. And in life, I’m a fervent believer in simplicity and that it is not always about the big and grand, but the small and unassuming. 

And this reflects true in the photographs I try to make; clean, unpretentious, and real. 

How Would I Describe
The Images I Make?


Moments Matter.
So Live in Them, to the Fullest.

And I would help you encapsulate them all; the people stories, experiences and the intangible.  

I think ultimately what you want in your photographs is not that perfect photo, or a nice image you could share on your social media. To me, it is much more than that, for most meaningful photograph might not be the prettiest. But for sure, it will be one that you’ll keep for life.

Here Are The Stories