Kai Picture

Hi, I’m Yeow.


I truly believe that no person is an island and that everyone needs someone to complete themselves.

And a bond between two people is so very special and beautiful.

To me, that special someone is my wife Crystal who has always been the pillar of support for everything I do.

And you, my dear friend must have found someone so special that you came to a conscious decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

I believe that photos best depict a person when they show their most candid, spontaneous and uninhibited selves. It brings a free and unencumbered perspective to a person.

A sense of liberty

I will,

capture your smiles, your laughs and your tears.

So scrunch you nose and squint your eyes as much as you want.

That is what I believe is the real you. 

And hopefully you see yourselves this way too.

Isn’t a picture a reminder of sorts, a collection of memories, of moments and a tangible feeling that is felt when words fail you?

Isn’t a picture a reminder of people and their stories?